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Gregory Guzman | Philadelphia



About Gregory Guzman


Gregory Guzman is a Philadelphia based real estate professional with 20 years of experience in the industry. Dedicated to providing a reliable and trustworthy service, Gregory works hard to go above and beyond for his clients. His company, G Buys Philly, is a real estate acquisition business that offers clients the most pleasant experience possible when selling a home. 


Gregory Guzman’s Early Career in Philadelphia

Beginning his career in 1999, Gregory Guzman started in the real estate industry. Those early years of his career undoubtedly helped him to gain an understanding of the different areas of the industry. After spending time learning about the industry, Gregory decided that it was time for him to begin working towards obtaining a real estate license. In 2004, Gregory Guzman completed his required hours and passed the exam to become a licensed Pennsylvania Realtor. Receiving his license opened doors for Gregory to be able to sell properties to individuals. He began to be exposed to investing and acquisitions in real estate. 

He currently still holds his real estate license and has completed the required continued education to keep the license. Gregory Guzman is very knowledgable of the real estate market in general but especially in Philadelphia. He has spent his 20-year long career in Philly, which has enabled him to learn and gain expertise about the market. 


Gregory Guzman and G Buys Philly

After some time, Gregory Guzman realized his interest in running his own business in real estate. He began G Buys Philly to provide sellers with a dependable place to make a sale. The goal of the company is to be the place that individuals who longer wish to own their home turn. Many people have worked with G Buys Philly as a result of many different types of situations. Gregory Guzman can differentiate himself from other investors because of his reputation and the integrity, respect, and compassion that he offers his clients. 

Gregory Guzman and G Buys Philly guarantee that they will provide experience, honesty, and integrity to each client. The business offers clients a simple process that only takes a few steps. The first step is for a potential client to call or make a submission on the company site. From there, the team will discuss the details of the home with the client and answer any questions that they may have. Then the team will send a home buying specialist to the house where they do a walkthrough to assess the condition of the home. G Buys Philly can provide a fair offer there at your home, and then all the client has to do is let them know their preferred closing date.

Gregory Guzman and his associates are always sure to answer and ask any questions to ensure that the client has a full understanding of the process. He understands that it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing to sell a home, so he works to ensure the clients are at ease. Gregory has been able to build this business and develop a methodology that brings results and happy customers. 

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