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Gregory Guzman Philadelphia Analytics Dashboard

One of the most important tools for any modern research or marketing department is its analytics dashboard. Whether it’s the dashboard for a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter or one tracking website click and conversion rates, you need your dashboard data. Where 10 years ago dashboards were the way to get ahead, now they’re necessary just to keep up. In the analytics arms race, in which modern marketing departments find themselves, you need to arm yourself with the best dashboard tools out there.

That said, that data and those tools will still be for naught if you don’t put in the time and effort to determine the best ways to get the most out of your dashboard.

Target Specific Audiences

For example, raw data alone simply won’t do. You need targeted data fixated on specific audiences and goals. If you are running a women’s fashion blog, chances are hits and data derived from teenage boys browsing on Twitter and generating Impressions as they scroll past your data without clicking won’t help. Make sure the data you get is tied to your target audience – the more precisely, the better. 

Pay attention to demographics like age, gender, income levels, media interests, and shopping preferences.

Anticipate User Questions and Needs

You’ll also want to anticipate any questions users may have about your product and preemptively set about answering them in the course of your content. Not only will this help clarify your products, but it can increase engagement and retention time media, such as videos, as viewers stick around while their answers are being answered, rather than leaving and searching for the answers elsewhere.

Periodic Reviews

The online world is ever-changing, which is why you’ll want to periodically review your data and how you are using your dashboard to see what you can do better. This can allow you to recalibrate your strategy and take advantage of any new advances in data collection featured in upgrades to the dashboard you’re using.

Data and dashboards are critical to marketing success, so be sure to optimize them at every opportunity.